Volunteering with refugees

A free online course for those interested in volunteering with refugees. This course will help you gain the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities to work with refugees who have resettled in your community

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Information about this program

  • A free online course for volunteers working with refugees or those new to the field of refugee resettlement

    Five lessons

    2 hours to complete

    A course facilitator to help answer questions or give you feedback

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Becoming a mentor for this family from Cuba has enriched my life in ways I could never have imagined. My family has been blessed as well.

— Bonnie A refugee family mentor

Lesson Plan

This course is open enrollment and self-paced, which means you can start the course anytime and complete it on your own schedule.

Lessons in this class

Lesson TitleStatus
Volunteering 1
Volunteering with refugees pre-quiz
Volunteering 2
Understanding refugee resettlement
Volunteering 3
Trauma in refugees and its long lasting effects
Volunteering 4
Moving to a new country: challenges and the process of cultural adaptation
Volunteering 5
Gaining cross-cultural communication skills
Volunteering 6
Communicating through interpreters
Volunteering 7
Thank you for welcoming newcomers
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